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I would like to get the number of total checkins per user within a certain time frame. This is the kind of result I am looking for:

User: xxxxx Count: 432 User: yyyyy Count: 22


I can use find to list all checkins done by a user, but I am only interested in the count!

Edit: Finding number of checkins per one (known) user at a time would also be ok! Edit: I also need to filter on a certain filetype, e.g. *.java !

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Basically, you need to experiment with cleartool find, using directives from the query language such has:

created_since: For instance, this limit a query for the month of May:

cleartool find . –version "{brtype(main_dev) && created_since(30-Apr) && (! created_since(31-May)) }" -print

-user (login-name) : this limit for a period, for a given user

cleartool find . -user user1 -element "{created_since(date1) && !created_since(date2)}" -print

So basically, you need to process the result of a find query, in order to sort it by user, and by filename extension.

The only native tool (so without counting external non-free third-party tool) would be to experiment with the ClearCase Report Builder (or "Report Wizard"), and see if you can set the right filters.
(mentioned in "ClearCase list of files with given label type applied").

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is this what the question was ? the user is asking for the count and already knows the FIND command, so do we need to improve this answer ? – Pulak Agrawal Jul 31 '12 at 11:26
@PulakAgrawal sure, it can be improved. I was pointing out some less known feature of the find command in order to filter the results and help achieving a count, but this is only a lead. – VonC Jul 31 '12 at 11:28

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