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When I activate a venv, which pip returns /usr/local/bin/pip instead of path/to/my/apps/venv/bin/pop. Why is that?

I am inclined to just rm- rf the pip in /usr/local/bin/pip and install again, but since this is a production server I prefer not to guess too much :-)

My concern is that I have (in usr/local/bin):

  • easy_install
  • easy_install-2.6
  • pip
  • pip-2.6
  • virtualenv
  • virtualenv-2.6

python --version returns 2.6.6 and which python returns /usr/bin/python even though venvis activated?

Running Debian Squeeze

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What shell are you using? What specific command did you use to activate the virtualenv?

In my case (also using squeeze) I am using bash and it if I run "source bin/activate" then everything in my path (pip, python, etc) is correct.

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on my local machine I am using zsh - but on the debian box I use bash. I activate it like you do. -- HOWEVER: I remember I couldn't get colours to work, a loooooong time ago. That was fixed with this in bash_profile: if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then$ source ~/.bashrc$ fi But that shouldn't matter. –  Andreas Jul 31 '12 at 8:51

Check your virtualenv for a local directory. If venv/local exists, does it contain pip and easy_install? If it does, you can try working around this problem by editing venv/bin/activate and prepending venv/local/bin to your path just like venv/bin is being prepended.

Something like:

PATH="$VIRTUAL_ENV/local/bin:$PATH"  # my new line
export PATH

I'm having a problem similar to what I've described, and unfortunately I have not run it to ground yet. See also: Why do distribute and pip install to my virtualenv's ./local/bin?

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