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I am developing an Android application using Phonegap and used the SoftKeyboard plugin which is found here and use this plugins under the guidence of How to use Phonegap SoftKeyboard Plugin for Android? this link.its working fine.

i used this code ((((window || {}).plugins || {}).SoftKeyBoard || {}).show || function(){})(); to prevent the undefined problem..

My problem is i need to know the keyboard hide and show event how to find out this?

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Hey buddy, Can you share your code snippet for above softkeyboard.js problem? I also referred the same link that you posted above, but in my case it's not working and I'm stuck at this situation. – YuDroid Sep 20 '12 at 5:35

use this plugin

Install plugin by using this command.

cordova plugin add

It will automatically place all necessary files to proper place and change configurations. Use like;


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