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In my wicket application i have 3-4 different packages say pack1,pack2 and so on . In pack1 i have different html and java classes. I am validating the null check by setRequired(true) and getting the message from properties file.I am naming my properties file as ... as i have Send.html and in pack1.In properties file i am mentioning like this formname.field.Required=The ${label} is missing I want to validate all the html fields which are present in different html pages of the same package (pack1)in one properties file say .So my question here is will one singe properties will be sufficient for one package where in all the validation will be taken care.

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Yes, wicket first looks for the property in the properties file associated to the page, and then in the properties asociated to the package (and after that in parents packages...).

But, as long as I know the package properties file is called (independently of the package name).

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Here i have package where my login.html , .java and along wiht are present.I have package where Registration.html and .java files are present . Now if i try with it is not working for me and even i tried with then it is not working for me. Can you let me know where i am doing the mistake –  Sharath Jul 31 '12 at 10:03
It seems your hierarchy is ok, so perhaps the 'formname.field.Required' is wrong. According to, in wicket 1.2 onwards you have to specify the property 'Required' in your ''. –  polypiel Aug 1 '12 at 7:02

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