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We just upgraded to PhoneGap/Cordova 2.0 on iOS, but we're seeing multiple warnings in JSONKit.m.

There are two classes of warnings: (1) "Format String Issue" and (2) "Semantic Issue."

Here is an example of the "Format String Issue":

/Users/macuser/Documents/CordovaLib/Classes/JSON/JSONKit.m:745:180: Format specifies type 'unsigned long' but the argument has type 'NSUInteger' (aka 'unsigned int')

Here is an example of the "Semantic Issue":

/Users/macuser/Documents/CordovaLib/Classes/JSON/JSONKit.m:2600:11: Direct access to objective-c's isa is deprecated in favor of object_setClass() and object_getClass()

We're on Lion, Xcode 4.4.

Any clues why this warnings are happening now whereas they didn't before?


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From a user on Google Groups:

Xcode 4.4 uses an updated compiler which is more strict. It's harmless (for now) but this issue was fixed:

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Here you can find how to remove the warnings:

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This is JSONKit files without xcode 4.4 warnings

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The other solutions did not work for me with Xcode 4.6. However, this solution did work:

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this worked for me for Xcode 4.6 as well – valheru Feb 1 '13 at 4:03

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