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I am doing MVVM project and I have such problem: after Routing of some Attached Event, I'm losing EventArgs. For RoutingEvent I used this code:

public class RoutedEventTrigger : EventTriggerBase<DependencyObject>
        RoutedEvent _routedEvent;

        public RoutedEvent RoutedEvent
            get { return _routedEvent; }
            set { _routedEvent = value; }

        public RoutedEventTrigger()
        protected override void OnAttached()
            Behavior behavior = base.AssociatedObject as Behavior;
            FrameworkElement associatedElement = base.AssociatedObject as FrameworkElement;

            if (behavior != null)
                associatedElement = ((IAttachedObject)behavior).AssociatedObject as FrameworkElement;
            if (associatedElement == null)
                throw new ArgumentException("Routed Event trigger can only be associated to framework elements");
            if (RoutedEvent != null)
                associatedElement.AddHandler(RoutedEvent, new RoutedEventHandler(this.OnRoutedEvent));
        void OnRoutedEvent(object sender, RoutedEventArgs args)
        protected override string GetEventName()
            return RoutedEvent.Name;

Part from xaml:

    <localP:RoutedEventTrigger RoutedEvent="ScrollViewer.ScrollChanged">
      <cmd:EventToCommand Command="{Binding ScrollCommand}" />

My handler in MVVM :

ScrollCommand = new RelayCommand<ScrollChangedEventArgs>(e =>
                MessageBox.Show("HorizontalChange " + e.HorizontalChange");

Handler is invoked, but e is null. What I'm doing wrong and how can i get that Args?

As mvvm base I using mvvm-light.

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Hi you should set the PassEventArgsToCommand to true on the EventToCommand.

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Thanks great : ) – ISens Aug 1 '12 at 14:39

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