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I have a list of passengers(object) where it has a differents properties..


And I want to sort this list by age criterion, how can i do this?

I know in a list of integer/string List.Sort() works, but if is an object list, i dont know if its possible to sort by the value of a object property!


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To sort by a property in the object, you have to specify a comparer or a method to get that property.

Using the List.Sort method:

theList.Sort(Function(x, y) x.age.CompareTo(y.age))

Using the OrderBy extension method:

theList = theList.OrderBy(Function(x) x.age).ToList()
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Hi Guffa, thanks a lot! I have used the first case, and works, but this one order in ascendent order 10>12>15 if i want in descendent order how can I do it? Thanks a lot again. –  bombai Jul 31 '12 at 8:33
@bombai: Just switch the variables in the comparison: y.age.CompareTo(x.age). With the second method you use OrderByDescending instead. –  Guffa Jul 31 '12 at 8:36
Yes! Both methods works like a charm! Thanks again! –  bombai Jul 31 '12 at 9:00
I struggled to changed my structure to implement IComparer until I found this! –  Jonjongot Jan 26 at 3:45
@Guffa Do you know which is faster? –  Felix Feb 26 at 14:43

you must implement IComparer interface.

In this sample i ve my custom object JSONReturn, i implement my class like this :

Friend Class JSONReturnComparer
    Implements IComparer(of JSONReturn)

    Public Function Compare(x As JSONReturn, y As JSONReturn) As Integer Implements    IComparer(Of JSONReturn).Compare
        Return String.Compare(x.Name, y.Name)
    End Function

End Class

I call my sort List method like this : alResult.Sort(new JSONReturnComparer())

may it could help you

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