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I have a special case where the users should be able to change the status of the deal, but not the deal_type. Therefore I thought I change the widget of the dropdown into a text field.

Hence I would like to override deal_type's widget in my formset and I subclassed BaseModelFormSet and passed that in as a parameter to the factory:

deal_formset = modelformset_factory(Deal, formset=BaseDealFormSet, fields = {'status', 'deal_type'}, extra=0)

class Deal(models.Model):
    deal_id             = UUIDField()
    status              = models.ForeignKey(DealStatus)    
    deal_type           = models.ForeignKey(DealType)    

class BaseDealFormSet(BaseModelFormSet):    
    deal_type        = forms.CharField(max_length=30, widget=forms.TextInput(  attrs={'readonly': 'True'}))    

    def clean_deal_type(self):
        return self.instance.deal_type

However in the template {{fs.deal_type}} the widget is still shown as a dropdown and not a textfield.

I am not even sure, if this would exactly work as I intended , that is seeing the selected value of the dropdown as a textfield. But at least I should see a change of the widget, right? But it seems it is completely ignored.

What am I missing? Thanks,

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ahh right. How would I override the actual form in this case? Because the modelformset_factory is creating the form of the Model directly. – Houman Jul 31 '12 at 8:55
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You need to create a ModelForm subclass with your customizations, and pass that as the form argument to modelformset_factory.

class DealForm(forms.ModelForm):    
    deal_type = forms.CharField(max_length=30,
                                widget=forms.TextInput(attrs={'readonly': 'True'}))

    def clean_deal_type(self):
        return self.instance.deal_type


deal_formset = modelformset_factory(Deal, form=DealForm,
                                    fields=['status', 'deal_type'], extra=0)

Note there's a fair amount of flexibility in how you do this - the fields could go in an inner Meta class on the form, you could keep your modelformset subclass and put the form declaration there, and so on.

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