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I got the following value object:

public class Movie{
  public String name;
  public Date releaseDate;
  public List<Actors> actors;

and i got the following service

public List<Movie> moviesByYear(int year){
//return all movies by year

The movies are searched in the database by some ORM framework. My question is: I want to filter the response, to not return the actors list (because this field is not relevant, and makes the response larger). Of course I can

for(Movie movie: movies){
  movie.actors = null;

but this will escalate quickly if I want to remove multiple fields.

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If you never want to include the actors field in your response, you can annotate the field with @XmlTransient. See the JavaDoc for more details.

Otherwise, you could wrap the Movie object into a wrapper object that doesn't expose the actors field.

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If the service has no method that does it, you'll have to change the service code itself.

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