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I'm trying to explain to a customer how we can "theme and skin" their new website.

Being a computer person trying to talk to a bsuiness person, this is more difficult than it sounds.

I have so far described how colours and things like that can change.

How can I describe better to a business person why themes and skins is a good idea???

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A theme contains a set of skins. It is not relevant for your customer, as it is implementation detail. So you can skip the skin definition.

Now, theming will enable you to consistently define appeareance of elements in the webpage. For example, if there is a need to change all text input to have a light gray background, you will have to change it once for all text inputs, and not one time for every text input.

Still, it depends on business needs. If your customer does not need this, it may not be necessary to dive into details. You will have better success talking about web accessibility (and not just for blind people) and responsive design (one web site for computer that adapts to tablets and smartphone). Those points add real value.

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In simple terms I would explain it by including some of the points which are beneficial to their business:

"It will reduce the time and therefore cost of future design decisions"

"It will allow the site to more easily customised by either yourself (or the business)"

"It can allow specific themes to be applied based on user preferences (perhaps touch on things like colour blindness/high contrast)"

"It will help enforce consistent design across the site, making the site more uniform. This will make it appear more professional and enhance the businesses image"

There is no end of wafty descriptions for this kind of thing, just try to focus on what will benefit THEM (e.g. greater userbase if they have an 'accessiblity' theme) rather than the technical side of things.

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You need to stress the reduced cost and enhanced speed of implementing a new look-and-feel.

Business drivers are:

  • rebranding
  • multi branding
  • white labelling
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Skins and themes are useful because they make testing various visual aspects of a web site and their viewers' reponses to those changes easy and therefore less costly. If your customer gets a 5% better response with one theme than another, is that worth the cost to them of having a themed web site?

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