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I use the following code to get the response printed in the console. But i'm getting as null in the console.

In the index.php url i have the JSON code

new Ajax.Request('', {
  onSuccess: function(products){  
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Maybe it will help:

new Ajax.Request('', {

  onSuccess: function (transport) {
    var response = transport.responseText;
    var json = eval('(' + response + ')')

Or try to change header in http response, but it seems there some difficulties with this issue in prototype.

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Hi Speransky, I have a similar issue, and I seem to figure out the cause, I am using perl/cgi on the back end, my code is as follows –  Parik Tiwari Sep 7 '12 at 20:45
new Ajax.Request('ajax-sr-update.cgi', { method: 'get', onSuccess: function(transport) { var response = transport.responseText; var json = eval('(' + response + ')') console.log(json); if (json) { if (json.error_message) { do something; } else if (json.incident_id) { do something-else; } else { display a general error } } else { general error } }, onFailure: function(data) { display failed } }); –  Parik Tiwari Sep 7 '12 at 20:50

The responseJSON field will only be returned if the response type of the AJAX request is "application/json".

I would try the following:


to see if the responseJSON property is available to you.

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dtsn, you were right I was not getting any json values in the return, it was all in plain text. Thanks for the idea. –  Parik Tiwari Sep 7 '12 at 21:21

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