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I know, that i can using the android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER field of Build object. But what value must be contain this field for Nook devices?


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Tested and working on Nook Simple Touch Glow (Eink). Caveat: no idea what the HD nooks return.

public static boolean isNook()
    String thisManufacturer=android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER;
    Log.d(TAG, "UTIL: Manu: "+thisManufacturer);
    // 'BarnesAndNoble' on Nook Simple Touch with GlowLite

    String thisProduct=android.os.Build.PRODUCT;
    Log.d(TAG, "UTIL: PRODUCT "+thisProduct);
    // 'NOOK' on Nook Simple Touch with GlowLite

    //String thisBrand=android.os.Build.BRAND;
    //Log.d(TAG, "UTIL: Brand "+thisBrand);
    // 'nook' on Nook Simple Touch with GlowLite

    //String thisModel=android.os.Build.MODEL;
    //Log.d(TAG, "UTIL: Model "+thisModel);
    // 'unknown' on Nook Simple Touch with GlowLite

    if( thisManufacturer.equals("BarnesAndNoble") && 
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Thank you! It's very helpful! –  Yuliy Polyakov Aug 15 '13 at 7:15

Foxconn Its better you test on a real device.

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