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I have a favourites button and I want it to change it's image depending on whether an ID is found in a favourites map, however it doesn't seem to be working. Here is my code:

boolean containsShop = false;
             for (Map<String, String> hashMap : TabsViewPagerFragmentActivity.favouritesData)

                    containsShop = hashMap.containsValue(shopID);


             if(containsShop) {
                 isFavourite = true;
             }  else {

                 isFavourite = false;

It seems to set the button to R.drawable.favourite_normal even if the ID is in the map. What am I doing wrong?


Sorry I copied the wrong code. - I just noticed that it only seems to set the Button to R.drawable.is_a_favourite if the object was the last object added to the favouritesData ArrayList

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and add a break statement in the for loop, if you found the value. Otherwise in next iteration of your loop, the boolean value may be overwritten.

containsShop= hashMap.containsValue(shopID);
if (containsShop) break;
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containsShop = hashMap.containsValue(shopID);

replace this

containsVenue = hashMap.containsValue(shopID);
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