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A while ago I found out that FOP doesn't allow you to use floats, and a few other features in Xsl-Fo 1.0. I've tried a few different ways to emulate them, but I have had no success. If anyone has had success in this, or has an idea. I would really appreciate enlightenment.

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up vote -2 down vote accepted lists which features of XSL-FO are supported in Apache FOP and which are not. Floats have not been implemented, yet.

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Isn't that pretty much what original post said? Could someone give suggestions on how to emulate floats instead of just reiterating the problem itself? – Rolf Jan 24 '12 at 16:56

It's about 4 years late, but I've managed to get a Table to float right by a bit of...trickery.

fo:table width="15cm"
fo:table-column column-width="7cm"/
fo:table-column column-width="3cm"/
fo:table-column column-width="5cm"/
fo:table-cell border="none"
[Intentionally left blank]
fo:table-cell border="solid"
[Content of 3cm column]
fo:table-cell border="solid"
[Content of 5cm column]

By no means is this an elegant or reliable solution, but it's worth remembering, in case you ever need to align a table specifically. A similar solution might work with a blank block and another block made to stay on the same line, but I have not tested this in my own useage, so your results my vary.

Sorry I could not offer a general case solution.

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