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In my Windows Phone application I get the colour from xml and then bind it to some element.
I have found that I get the wrong colour in my case.

Here is my code:

 var resources = feedsModule.getResources().getColorResource("HeaderColor") ??
     if (resources != null)
      var colourText = Color.FromArgb(255,Convert.ToByte(resources.getValue().Substring(1, 2), 16),
                       Convert.ToByte(resources.getValue().Substring(3, 2), 16),
                      Convert.ToByte(resources.getValue().Substring(5, 2), 16));

So after converting the colour, I get the wrong result. In xml I have this one:

 <Color name="HeaderColor">#FFc50000</Color>

and it converts into #FFFFC500

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I think you should either use Color.FromRgb instead of Color.FromArgb, or you should use Color.FromArgb with alpha to 0 instead of 255. –  Herman Cordes Jul 31 '12 at 10:03
Windows Phone doesn't have Color.FromRgb, only Color.FromArgb. If I use alpha to 0 instead of 255 I get white colour –  revolutionkpi Jul 31 '12 at 10:06
Because if you use 0 instead of 255, the color is actually transparent so you should leave 255. Do you get RED instead of BLUE in this case? –  igrali Jul 31 '12 at 10:08
ok, but how can I get the right one? –  revolutionkpi Jul 31 '12 at 10:11
I have #0000FF, after conveting I get #FF0000FF, the question is, how can I get correct result? –  revolutionkpi Jul 31 '12 at 10:14

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You should use some 3rd-party converter.

Here is one of them.

Then you can use it so:

Color color = (Color)(new HexColor(resources.GetValue());

Also you can use the method from this link, it works as well.

public Color ConvertStringToColor(String hex)
    //remove the # at the front
    hex = hex.Replace("#", "");

    byte a = 255;
    byte r = 255;
    byte g = 255;
    byte b = 255;

    int start = 0;

    //handle ARGB strings (8 characters long)
    if (hex.Length == 8)
        a = byte.Parse(hex.Substring(0, 2), System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber);
        start = 2;

    //convert RGB characters to bytes
    r = byte.Parse(hex.Substring(start, 2), System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber);
    g = byte.Parse(hex.Substring(start + 2, 2), System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber);
    b = byte.Parse(hex.Substring(start + 4, 2), System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber);

    return Color.FromArgb(a, r, g, b);
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