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My AndroidManifest.xml looks like this:

<manifest ...>
    <application ...>
    <uses-sdk ... />

which was fine in earlier versions of Eclipse but since I upgraded I get this warning:

<uses-sdk> tag appears after <application> tag

What's best practice here?

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The warning is explained by lint. It's nothing serious, but rather a "better safe than sorry" policy.

Quoting lint:

<uses-sdk> tag appears after <application> tag

Issue: Checks for manifest problems like <uses-sdk> after the <application> tag
Id: ManifestOrder

The tag should appear after the elements which declare which version you need, which features you need, which libraries you need, and so on. In the past there have been subtle bugs (such as themes not getting applied correctly) when the tag appears before some of these other elements, so it's best to order your manifest in the logical dependency order.

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