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i have a script, that parse log and find errors and warnings.
And i want to use user-friendly interpretation of this log.
For this reason, i use notepad.
Here is code:

use v5.16;
use strict;
use warnings;

use Win32::Clipboard;
use threads;
use utf8;

my $kp = Win32::Clipboard->new();

my $output = shift || "out_log.txt";

#my ($input, $output)=@ARGV;
#open my $ih, "<", $input or die "can't open input file with log\n";

open my $oh, ">", $output or die "can't open output file with log\n";
my @alls=split /\n/,$kp->Get();

for my $k(0..$#alls){
    $_ = $alls[$k];
        print {$oh} qq(at position $k --> ).$_."\n";
my $thread = 
                $SIG{INT}=sub{die"All good\n";};
                qx(notepad $output);

print qq(type 'y' for quit);
    print "want to quit?\n>" ;
        say "I will kill this thread";
        $thread->kill('INT') if defined($thread);       
        say "and delete output";
        unlink $output;
        }if (m/y/);

It falls down, when i trying to kill thread which run notepad.
How to do this, using signals and threads? Is it possible?
And your ideas about solution, please.

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This isn't working because your SIGINT never gets passed to notepad. So it never gets closed. (And that handler - probably never gets processed).

You need to approach this differently. Look at Win32::Process for some examples of how to spawn/kill a notepad process.

my $ProcessObj;
    Win32::Process::Create( $ProcessObj,
        "notepad", 0, NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, "." )
        or die $!;

And then you can use

$ProcessObj -> Kill(1); 

I'd suggest using Thread::Semaphore or some sort of shared variable to decide if you want to kill your notepad.

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