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I have a data-entry form that displays a number of fields (mostly p:inputText) for the user to provide. Some of these are LOVs so I display a p:dialog to allow the user to select the right value. The p:dialog is displayed by means of a p:commandLink next to the p:inputText. Main parts of code shown below:

<h:form id="parentForm">
    <p:inputText value="#{CustomerCEVController.customer.municipality}" id="customerMncName"/>
    <p:commandLink type="button" onclick="MunicipalityDlg.show()" styleClass="ui-icon ui-icon-search"/>
    <p:commandButton value="Submit"  id="save" actionListener="#{CustomerCEVController.saveButtonListener}" /> (...)

The problem is, whenever the user clicks on the p:commandLink to display the p:dialog (to allow him to select one of the values) the outer form goes through its lifecycle phases (restore view, apply request values, process validations, etc.) since the p:commandLink is placed inside an h:form. How can I implement this dialog-displaying functionality while avoiding posting the h:form with every dialog that the user opens?

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Just add "return false" as the last statement to onclick event handler. It prevents commandLink's default function (posting the form).

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Just add set the appendToBody attribute to true on <p:dialog>

<p:dialog header="Header Text" widgetVar="dlg" appendToBody="true">

This appends the dialog as a child of the document body outside the parent form.

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