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I am trying to query out the attribute values from the xml file attached below. Specifically, I am trying to get the Name, SqlDbType etc. attribute values that are in the "Column" Element Node under"ColumnNullRatioProfile" Node. The xml output file comes as a part of the SQL Server 2008 SSIS DataProfiler Task. My goal is to use Powershell to create a CSV file with selected Attributes that can be loaded into an Excel workbook.

However, I have tried several approaches (see some of them in Method 1 and Method 2 below. I cannot make it work. Any suggestions?

#Save as t.xml on C:\

<?xml version="1.0" ?> 
 <DataProfile xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="">
 <DtsDataSource ID="{45277997-59B4-4A95-909E-7804F0761FA1}" Name="DatabaseConn">
 <DtsDataSource ID="{BAEE1FCA-E5A2-4C3C-A1B6-100B3B681397}" Name="Table.xml">
 <ColumnNullRatioProfile ProfileRequestID="NullRatioReq" IsExact="true">
    <Table DataSource="XVRTFD0585\SQL905" Database="BusinessData" Schema="General" Table="Email_Notifications_Lookup" RowCount="-1" /> 
    <Column Name="EmailURL_ID" SqlDbType="Int" MaxLength="0" Precision="10" Scale="0" LCID="-1" CodePage="0" IsNullable="false" StringCompareOptions="0" /> 
 <ColumnNullRatioProfile ProfileRequestID="NullRatioReq1" IsExact="true">
        <Table DataSource="XVRTFD0585\SQL905" Database="BusinessData" Schema="General" Table="LOOKUP_CODES" RowCount="5979114" />
        <Column Name="TRANS_ID" SqlDbType="Decimal" MaxLength="0" Precision="9" Scale="0" LCID="-1" CodePage="0" IsNullable="true" StringCompareOptions="0" />

#Method 1

$xDoc = [xml](Get-Content $uri ) 
$XDoc.DataProfile.DataProfileOutput.Profiles.ColumnNullRatioProfile.Column | select Name

#Method 2 (Using LINQ)

[Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(”System.Xml.Linq”) | Out-Null
$XDoc = [System.Xml.Linq.XDocument]::Load($uri)
$XDoc.Descendants(“ColumnNullRatioProfile”) | ForEach {$_.Element("Column”).GetAttribute("Name").Value}
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2 Answers 2

$XDoc.DataProfile.DataProfileOutput.Profiles.ColumnNullRatioProfile | % {$_.column} | select name

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$file = [xml](gc "C:\t.xml")

$columns = $
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