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Well, the files attribute of an input[type=file] is read-only. Therefore i can not write my blob data into this input element. But if i create a NEW input file element using Javscript, is it then possible to insert blob data on creation? I am only interested in solutions working in chrome (extension) - other browsers do not matter.

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I've recently tried it, and it's not possible. The only use case for wanting to modify the file in <input type=file> is when you want to change a file prior uploading. If you're looking for a method to accomplish that, use the FormData function from the XMLHttpRequest level 2 specification. Code examples can be found at (possibly duplicate question?) and – Rob W Jul 31 '12 at 12:31
@RobW Setting the value of a file input it also a convenient way to indicate to the user that their upload is valid/invalid, especially when they have the option to choose a file from disk or create the file in-browser (i.e. via getUserMedia). That's my use case - filling out a file input box from a microphone when the browser doesn't support that by default (which few browsers do). – Brilliand Mar 12 '15 at 21:32

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