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I have web service designed for Mobile applications. This web service accesses the MySQL database.

There may be many users who runs the mobile app say 100000 concurrent.

I am very much in confusing that which Connection Pool should I use for MySQL database connectivity in JDBC. Please guys suggest me reliable, faster, easier and efficient connection pool to be used.

Thanks in advance.

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100,000 concurrent users? That sounds... very optimistic :) – Pekka 웃 Jul 31 '12 at 12:31
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100k concurrent mobile application users usually does not mean 100k concurrent database connections. In fact, that is almost never the case for a web service. The reason for having a pool is so that connections can be shared efficiently between users/sessions (or between multiple service requests to the database.)

Usually, the database connection pooling built-in to your application server is the easiest, and an often sufficient, solution. In the case of Tomcat 6/7, that would be the newer "Tomcat JDBC Connection Pool".

Well-known standalone options included Commons-DBCP and c3p0. However, there have been issues with both libraries. These days if you need a standalone connection pooling library, I would recommend trying the "Tomcat JDBC Connection Pool".

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