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I have spring 3.1 with spring security login in my app. I am trying to add facebook login using spring social to it. It goes to the facebook login page but post log in it throws a 404 error. I have this in the URL:


Here goes my spring social config:

<bean class="">
<!-- relies on by-type autowiring for the constructor-args -->    
<constructor-arg ref="signInAdapter" />

<bean id="connectionFactoryLocator" 
<property name="connectionFactories">
        <bean class="">
            <constructor-arg value="${}" />
            <constructor-arg value="${fb.passwrd}" />               

<bean id="connectionRepository" factory-method="createConnectionRepository" 
  factory-bean="usersConnectionRepository" scope="request">
<constructor-arg value="#{}" />
<aop:scoped-proxy proxy-target-class="false" />

<bean id="signInAdapter" class=""/>

<bean id="usersConnectionRepository" 
<constructor-arg ref="dataSource" />
<constructor-arg ref="connectionFactoryLocator" />
<constructor-arg ref="textEncryptor" />

<bean id="textEncryptor" class="" 
        factory-method="noOpText" />

Any thoughts?

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What spring social version you are using? (must be 1.0.X)

Did you create a facebook application? (you need to provide application key/secret in FacebookConnectionFactory constructor). It seems you are using your facebook user/password.

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and yes, i am using spring social 1.0.2. – shazinltc Aug 2 '12 at 4:15
and i have created the facebook app and given the appid, key.. – shazinltc Aug 2 '12 at 5:56
Configuration looks ok.. Can you share what you seen in logs. – Satish Pandey Aug 2 '12 at 15:00
I think it was a appid, key copy paste issue..!! My bad.. its working fine now :) – shazinltc Aug 3 '12 at 2:36

I too just suddently happened to get a redirect to signin?error=provider#_=_.

The reason was that just before this "error message" repeatedly happened, I updated my local JDK installation. With this new JDK installation, also any changes to my Java installation security settings were resetted to "fresh installation defaults". In particular, my manually installed UnlimitedJCEPolicy was no longer available. Reinstalling the UnlimitedJCEPolicy solved the problem in my case.

In my particular case, I'm not using a noOpText() TextEncryptor, but a queryableText(..) TextEncryptor.

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For me it was some issue with the app Id.. :) Thanks for answering – shazinltc Mar 16 '13 at 14:18

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