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I have a PHP for loop:

for ($counter=0,$counter<=67,$counter++){

echo $counter;
$check="some value";


what I am trying to acheive is use the for loop variable and append it to the name of another variable.

Bascially, I want the PHP output to be as follows for each row

$check1="some value"

$check2="some value"

$check3="some value"

$check4="some value"

etc etc 

How can I acheive this? am I missing something obvious?

I have tried $check.$counter="some value" but this fails.

any advice?

Thans as always,

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Would the use of an array be preferable to this method? $myVar = array(); for($i = 0; $i <= 67; $i++) { $myVar[] = "Some Value"; } – Matt Jul 31 '12 at 12:40
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The proper syntax for variable variables is:

${"check" . $counter} = "some value";

However, I highly discourage this. What you're trying to accomplish can most likely be solved more elegantly by using arrays. Example usage:

// Setting values
$check = array();
for ($counter=0,$counter<=67,$counter++){
    echo $counter;
    $check[] = "some value";

// Iterating through the values
foreach($check as $value)
    echo $value;
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Thanks Tim, is there a situaton when this is acceptable or is it functionality no longer used? – Smudger Jul 31 '12 at 12:50
@Smudger: Off the top of my head, I can't think of a solid case where one would use variable variables. Looking at the comments on the documentation page might give you some ideas on where they could be useful. Just keep in mind that what you read there may not be considered best practice. – Tim Cooper Jul 31 '12 at 12:55

An array would accomplish this.

$check = array();

for($counter = 0; $counter <= 67; $counter++) {
    $check[] = "some value";
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You should use ${'varname'} syntax:

for ($counter=0,$counter<=67,$counter++){
    echo $counter;
    ${'check' . $counter} ="some value";

this will work, but why not just use an array?

$check[$counter] = "some value";
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This is usable in some cases. For example if your app has something like 2 language entries in DB.

echo $this->{'article_title_'.$language};

That's much more usable than for example this;

if($language == 'mylanguage1')
    echo $this->article_title_mylanguage1;
    echo $this->article_title_mylanguage2;

Obviously this is what you should not have to do in your multilingual app, but i have seen cases like this.

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