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i`m using mysql client

using MySql.Data.MySqlClient;

how i can run connect on SSH tunnel?

i create ssh connect use SharpSsh

SshExec exec = new SshExec("host", "user");
exec.Password = "pass";

string output = exec.RunCommand("mysql -p pass -u user db -h host;");
if (output == "")

But why do I write a lot of code that can, through the client can immediately make a ssh connection, right?

please help :)

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Instead of opening a shell over SSH, you should just use port forwarding. Follow the port forwarding example on the SharpSSH homepage. There is no need to run the mysql command on the remote server at all.

The magic line in the example is this:

session.setPortForwardingL(lport, rhost, rport);

It will create a tunnel from port lport on the local machine to port rport on rhost. Once the tunnel is up, simply connect the MySqlClient with a connection string using localhost and lport. Even though you are connecting to the local machine, the connection will be forwarded to the remote end through the tunnel.

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