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I have a fully designed website, but have now realized a need for a shopping cart. Can anyone recommend a shopping cart that lets you add elements to your pages, rather than design a template for? I don't want to lose the work/design i have/have done!

APACHE/PHP, in particular, rockethost

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You should specify what kind of technology is allowed on your hosting environment. Windows box? Linux box? .Net? PHP? etc. –  Spencer Ruport Jul 23 '09 at 19:59

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Google Checkout is a pretty good solution that will overlay on your site, regardless of design/layout. It's not fancy, but it will also take a lot of the programming off your plate.

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Paypal is also very good option.

Create pages with your product, add buttons "Buy Now" below the product. And sell your product.

You will get every thing you need to develop it from paypal.com (then go to developer section) You will get sandbox to test it as well.

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