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When I'm retrieving blob value from SQLite it gives different value as it is stored in database. I don't know why this is happening. When I'm using cursor.getString(), it gives the same value. But when I use curser.getBlob(), it gives different value. Also when I convert cursor.getString() value into bytes[] using getBytes() it again gets converted into different vlaue which is stored in database.

Please tell me the solution as am not able to find why this is happening.

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post your code to solve the issue – droid_dev Jul 31 '12 at 13:06
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i think you have used insert query to insert data into sqlite database. in my opinion you shud use the following method to insert data also image.

               KEY_NAME + " TEXT," + 
               KEY_IMAGE + " BLOB);";

ContentValues cv = new  ContentValues();
cv.put(KEY_NAME,    name);
cv.put(KEY_IMAGE,   image);
database.insert( DB_TABLE, null, cv );

Use this method it should work. if not then plz let me know about it. Gud luck.

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