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I plan to start designing for the social network feed. And I want to consult those who solved similar problems and what tools are used.


Creating a feed for each user, which fell to the events of his friends and himself. But it is necessary to support the aggregation of entries in the feed, like a Facebook feed. For example:

1) Michael has created a new album 2) Joseph and David commented on the article ... 3) Anthony commented on the article and joined the group "Ruby on Rails"

I found some interesting entries:

  1. https://github.com/technoweenie/allofthestars/tree/master/vendor/stratocaster Feed to yuzayut in GitHub. But they do not have aggregations. Presentation Technoweenie - http://technoweenie-ruby-onales.heroku.com/

  2. "Feeding Frenzy: Selectively Materializing Users' Event Feeds" http://research.yahoo.com/node/3203

  3. Documentation of the FB that they have going on in the aggregation of TimeLine App https://developers.facebook.com/docs/bestpractices/multiple-objects/

  4. http://www.slideshare.net/danmckinley/etsy-activity-feeds-architecture - Etsy feed

I would appreciate links to materials or comments about personal experiences.

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Dear @shaliko-usubov, did u find any good answer to your question? I am particularly interested in the algorithmic details behind the implementation of social network feed! I have not found good references yet! –  DanielTheRocketMan Jan 27 at 1:35

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If you are looking just for aggregators of user feeds from different social networks, you might try to give a look to http://pavelk2.github.io/social-feed/, which works with Facebook, Google+, Instagram and VK. It is open-source and you can get the code here: https://github.com/pavelk2/social-feed

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Welcome to Stackoverflow. Your answer is a "link-only" answer, which might become invalid if and when the link is removed; please add more relevant information on the post itself too. –  Antti Haapala Jun 24 at 20:54

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