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I am creating a single test application which is using sockets to create a connection between two devices and transfer some data (a kind of messaging app).

My question is: Is there any way which I won't let other devices connect to a device, when it is already connected with another one. For example I have two devices A and B and they are connected. I don't wanna let device C to connect to any of them.

Any ideas how can I achieve this?

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Well, seeing how A and B need to be listening in order for C to connect - i.e. something like ServerSocket, simply stop listening for incoming connections once it successfully makes a connection between A and B?

Without your code for how you connect I can't tell much more, but that should be how to do it.

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The thing is that I am using ServerSocket for listening on specific port...but I'm using a custom class to detect all online users in the current wifi, and gets all their available ports and ips. So I need somehow to listen only for a specific device, not all of them.Because now, while everyone in the same wifi has my ip and port can send me messages. – hardartcore Jul 31 '12 at 13:33

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