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My question is related with the tests for some application in Symfony2. I use the Behat and Mink to write the tests and I have some problems with tests for registration system.

I want to check the email after user submit the registration form and then follow the activation link in this email.

I found a short tutorial about the tests for emails:

Solution in this tutorial works only if the "intercept_redirects" is set to "true" in configuration file for symfony but I already have some tests where I need to leave this variable with "false", so my question is... is it possible to change this value temporary, only for one test or do I have to change this value to "true" and then update all the tests?

How do you test your registration systems, and how do you write the tests for them ?

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Try using MinkRedirectContext from CommonContexts. It allows you to stop automatic redirections for a scenario and inspect the URL:

Given I do not follow redirects
 When I ...
 Then I should be redirected to "/thank-you"

You could also do it manually by calling followRedirects() yourself:

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Thanks, that was really helpful. –  acorncom Sep 30 '13 at 20:26
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