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I have worked the last 2 days on WMD and Markdown, and I don't find THE solution for stock data with security. I would like users to be able to post HTML/XML <code> (with WMD) on my site.

For the moment, I stock data in the Markdown format, but if I disable JavaScript the user can easily push XSS. If I strip_tags or html_entities all data I lose the user HTML/XML <code>. How can I do it?

In my opinion I must html_entities just the code between pre /pre, but how?! My data is in Markdown.

After, what can I do to forbid XSS attributes:

<img src="javascript:alert('xss');" />
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To "clean" your HTML, you could use a tool like HTML Purifier

Basically, it allows you to specify which tags/attributes are allowed, an only keeps those.

It also produces valid (X)HTML code as ouput -- which is nice.

You can see on the demo page there is an example that is almost exactly the XSS you posted, btw ;-)

For instance, you can try with some HTML like this one :

test <img src="javascript:evil();" onload="evil();" /> 
test <img src="" /> test2

The output is :

test  test <img src="" alt="a.Png" /> test2

The img tag with XSS has not been kept ; the other one has ; and there's been an alt attribute added, to be standard-compliant.

It might not solve all your problems, but if you are giving users the possiblity to input HTML, is it definitly useful (would I dare saying "it's a must-have" ? )

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thanks for u reply. I known html purifier and other "sanitizer". The real probleme is : how can I do for not loose the html basic layout (by wmd) and the html inserted by user in <code>..</code> – Anonymous Jul 23 '09 at 20:14
Basic layout > if it's just some simple tags, you can define those as "allowed" for HTMLPurifier, so they are not removed. If you want to allow HTML inserted between special tags, take a look at this answer :… ; by mixing that and HTMLPurifier, you might get to what you want ? – Pascal MARTIN Jul 23 '09 at 20:59

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