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I have report in .rdlc format. I have inserted table in my report which is filled in programatically(in runtime) from datatable(which is also filled by dataadapter programatically). Also I want in table to use conditional formatting - background color of cell based on value. To do that in BackGroundColor property of needed column expression was inserted:


I haven't mentioned that all fields in my datatable are string. Therefore i use cdbl function to convert string to double. And when I render report, i don't have the desired result. Therefore questions:

  • How to make sure there is no parsing error?
  • Is it possible to see step by step computation (as in excel)?
  • And what else error could be?

I suspect problem might be in culture.

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The quickest way to test is to call



And see if it's working.

I don't have a reporting services right now and can't test it. I think you can do a tryParse in Reporting services.

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