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I'm new to Magento, just finished reading 2 Ebooks. Please check the project requirement below and let me know which Product type is it and what should I have do to achieve the requirement below?

The site is going to sell only one product, that is a Bicycle.

1st Tab (Three Options) : Green cycle($30), Red Cycle($35) and Pink Cycle($33). User can select anyone cycle from it.

2nd Tab - Three sizes of cycle has to be shown (SMALL,MEDIUM,LARGE). Color of the cycle is based on the previous selection. User can select anyone from it.

3rd Tab : Have to show 50 type of Tires (if Green cycle is the selection).
Have to show 30 Type of Tires (if Red cycle is the selection) Have to show 40 Type of Tires (if Pink cycle is the selection) Price of the tires are different. User can select anyone of the tire from it.

4th Tab : Have to show 5 type of helmets here. Price of the helmets are different. User can select anyone from it. Note : This tab should be hidden, when a green cycle is selected. Helmets are available only for Red and Pink cycles.

Please let me know, how can I achieve this?

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What you are looking for a configurable product, it is somewhat complex to set one up. Look at this link and it will explain it to you in detail. http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/tutorial-creating-a-configurable-product/

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I've never worked with Magento, but looking at the following link:


It looks like you want the "Bundle" option. If I interpreted your question correctly, you want to only sell one product with different attributes - such as tires, helmets, size of bicycle.

Quote from the Magneto Wiki:

This product type is also known as a “kit” in other eCommerce software. This product type is ideal for circumstances where the user have to select a number of configurable options

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What you have is a need for a bundle product with a configurable product, which is not possible out of box. You can refer to http://enterprise-demo.magentocommerce.com/electronics/computers/build-your-own/my-computer.html for a similar example and perhaps re-evaluate your approach.

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Let's say I have to show Graphic Card selection box there, but it should not be shown if I selected certain type of processor. Do we have such option in Bundle products? – gopivignesh.m Aug 1 '12 at 13:26
To my knowledge, no. – benmarks Aug 1 '12 at 13:51

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