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I have many signals in the same object and i want to connect them to a single slot while passing a const when connecting. To be specific, I would like to do something like this:

connect (obj, SIGNAL(sig()), obj2, SLOT(sl(1))) ;
connect (obj, SIGNAL(sig()), obj2, SLOT(sl(2))) ;
connect (obj, SIGNAL(sig()), obj2, SLOT(sl(3))) ;
connect (obj, SIGNAL(sig()), obj2, SLOT(sl(4))) ;

Is there any way I can do this? Since all the signals come from the same object I can't use QSignalMapper. Any suggestions/workarounds?

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Use a separate QSignalMapper for each connection. Not very efficient, but it should work.

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You can also try as

connect (obj, SIGNAL(sig(int)), obj2, SLOT(sl(int))) ;

Since when using signal & slots, both should have same parameters. So we can emit any signal with the any value. The value emitted by the signal is automatically passed to the slot.

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