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I would like to be able to split a string into several parts if it exceeds a certain number of characters(e.g 100). It is relatively easy, but the tricky part is that I want to split it only after a space so that it doesn't cut off some word, but rather cuts it on a space character. So the logic would be - if it is more than ~95 chars, split it at the next space character and keep doing it in a loop. Any suggestions on how to implement this?

Thank you.

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Use an override of string.LastIndexOf: this one

You can call mystring.LastIndexOf(' ', startIndex, endIndex). If you use indexes 0 and 100, you can get the last space in the first 100 characters.

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that's a great idea, thanks a lot! –  Victor Jul 31 '12 at 14:05

string.LastIndexOf might work, but it sounds to me like you want the first space after the 95th character, so you might be better off with myString.IndexOf(' ', 95, myString.length - 95) or something along those lines.

For example, if the space was at position 101 and you did myString.LastIndexOf(' ', 0, 100), you wouldn't find the right space.

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