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I'm trying to figure out how i could store different objects in a certain "namespace".

I have something like this:


// This is the startup script:
var MyApp = {}
MyApp.ui = {}
MyApp.ui = require('ui/MainWindow');
MyApp.ui = require('ui/SecondWindow');

// Doesn't exist anymore because the 2nd require overwrites the
// first include

Then i also have MainWindow.js and SecondWindow.js, which looks like this:

var MainWindow = {
    test: "Main"

exports.MainWindow = MainWindow;

var SecondWindow = {
    test: "Second"

exports.SecondWindow = SecondWindow;

The exports.XXXWindow = XXXWindow basically makes that object available.

So in my app.js i try to store the MainWindow object in MyApp.ui. So i can call it like this:


Then i'd also like to add the SecondWindow object to that. So i can call that in the same way:


But the way i have it now causes the second require to overwrite the first one. So it now only points to SecondWindow. What do i have to do so that i can call both objects from MyApp.ui ??

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I suggest you to do (I'm sorry if code is not syntactically correct but I use coffeescript and I'm not used anymore to Javascript):


var MainWindow = function() {
    return {test: 'Main'};
module.exports = MainWindow;


var SecondWindow = function() {
    return {test: 'Second'};
module.exports = SecondWindow;


var myApp = {
    ui: {
        MainWindow: require('MainWindow.js'),
        SecondWindow: require(SecondWindow.js)

Now my personal opinion. I prefer to do:


var MainWindow = require('MainWindow'),
    SecondWindow = require('SecondWindow'),
    myApp = {
        ui: {
            MainWindow: new MainWindow(),
            SecondWindow: new SecondWindow()
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The second assignment of MyApp.ui will overwrite its old value. However, you could do the following:

function inject(obj_into,obj_from){
    for(var x in obj_from)
        obj_into[x] = obj_from[x];

MyApp.ui = {MainWindow:{},SecondWindow:{}};

You first initialize MyApp.ui with empty property objects MainWindow,SecondWindow and fill them with inject.

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