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The div that my openlayers map is in is about 300px wide, and I want to zoom down to level 0 (one single 256x256 tile), but I can't in OpenLayers. But I can with Google maps.

I've looked for a setting, but I can't find it.

All I want to do is see the whole world at the same time. I can in Google maps. Google lets you see about 150% of the world, but in openlayers in seems to be limited to 100%, which means if I want to see a map of the whole world (a reasonable request) I have to resize my window down to the exact pixel. That's a bit ridiculous. Is this really so hard to do?


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Openlayers 2.12 had a change which prevented the map from zooming out to see two worlds if the base layer is set to wrapDateLine


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The smallest tile what OpenStreetMap provides is 256x256 (http://c.tile.openstreetmap.org/0/0/0.png), so you cant get a smaller view of the world without resizing.

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Oh yeah. Of course you're right. I just measured, and the div is actually 300px. I will edit my question. –  Magmatic Aug 3 '12 at 14:04

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