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I have a WSDL that I need to generate a ServiceContract (OperationContract, DataContract)...

I have found a way to do it for ASMX WebServices but can't seem to find how to do it in WCF.

I have tried running

svcutil AuthPartnerWSDL.wsdl  /i /messagecontract /tcv:version35

but the resulting interface doesn't deserialize the call coming in so all the request parameters to the service implementation are null

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Small correction of terminology: what you're referring to as "webservices" are "ASMX Web Services", sometimes known as "ASP.NET Web Services". WCF services are web services if they use SOAP or REST. – John Saunders Jul 24 '09 at 0:45
thanks, fixed the question – Jul 25 '09 at 6:43
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Contract first tool for WCF

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I dont understand the downvote, would you care to explain? – Jul 25 '09 at 6:47
Maybe the downvoter didn't realize this is your question. – John Saunders Jul 25 '09 at 9:26
even then, why would it be down voted? isn't it a valid answer? – Jul 25 '09 at 15:50
It's valid, but if the answer was from someone else, it would be a fairly bad answer. It's not considereed good to just throw in a link. BTW, you might edit this answer to say a little more about this tool: why is it useful? How does it answer your question, etc. – John Saunders Jul 25 '09 at 16:01

Make sure you have the most updated WSDL that matches the current service definition.

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both the client proxy and the ServiceContract are generated from the same wsdl file. – Jul 23 '09 at 20:40

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