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Since I have updated Firefox to 14.0.1 it puts automatically https in the domain of our online shop.

I need a code for the .htaccess file so that only the startpage i.e. gets redirected/forced into when Firefox 14.0.1 changes it into

so only should become

Does someone knows the code for this?


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Just a note, if you redirect from https to http you'll trigger a warning in client some browsers. –  Ray Jul 31 '12 at 14:43
The question is not very clear. Can you rephrase it? –  InternetSeriousBusiness Jul 31 '12 at 14:43
Why would you want to redirect users to a less secure version of your site? –  phihag Jul 31 '12 at 14:44
My site uses SSL only in the cart and checkout folders. The problem is that the new firefox puts https when I just type, so many users having the new firefox visiting our shop are getting https immediatly. –  user1424612 Jul 31 '12 at 14:54

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This should do the trick.

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} on
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

This will rewrite all to insecure.

If you only want a specific page to match, make the rewrite rule less inclusive like below:

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} on
RewriteRule ^$ [R=301,L]

This will also work:

RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 443
RewriteRule ^(|/)$ [L,R=301]
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It should only be for the startpage, not for all the other folders. What code do I need for that? –  user1424612 Jul 31 '12 at 14:56
@user1424612 see above –  Ray Jul 31 '12 at 15:23
Ray, you're my hero, it worked! Muitos gracias –  user1424612 Jul 31 '12 at 16:27
@user1424612 no problem... If it worked for you please mark my answer as the correct one and maybe upvote it:) –  Ray Jul 31 '12 at 16:41

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