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I have the following file configuration section :

class = handlers.TimedRotatingFileHandler
args = ( '../output/DataUpload.log', when='D', backupCount=3)
formatter = generic

As specified by logging.config

from logging import config, getLogger
config.fileConfig( "config/logging.cfg", disable_existing_loggers = True )

And I get the following error :

  args = eval(args, vars(logging))
  File "<string>", line 1
    ( '../output/DataUpload.log', when='D', backupCount=3)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Are kwargs not supported here or am I doing something wrong ?


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First off, don't use eval(), it's a very bad idea!! Use ConfigParser or JSON or something to store and load a config.

As for the error:

args = (...,)

This creates a tuple. A tuple cannot have named elements. You want to use a tuple or list for the positional arguments, and a dict for named arguments. If you use JSON for the config file, you'll get this.

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I am using the config file as specified by logging.config (I have edit'ed the original question) - nothing new that I have created and I am not using eval anywhere. Do you mean I should not use the logging.config and that is not bad idea ? Thanks Colin. – user1055761 Aug 2 '12 at 0:48
+1 You cannot use logging.config to pass keyword arguments source reference – SingleNegationElimination Aug 2 '12 at 1:39
@TokenMacGuy your comment is the actual answer. – sh-beta Jun 25 '13 at 22:34

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