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I have a service that runs in background and send data to a server, I want to send this data only by wifi and not another way (gprs or else) is that possible? and if it is, how can I achieve that? if you have sample codes or links that would be great. thank you.

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final ConnectivityManager connMgr = (ConnectivityManager)

final android.net.NetworkInfo wifi =

The NetworkInfo structure should have the connectivity state of the Wifi Subsystem. Look at the documentation:


Use the isConnected method to see if wifi is connected. Easy Peasy!

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there yasmine go –  Tuna Karakasoglu Jul 31 '12 at 14:59

Detect network connection type on Android

This post might be what you're looking for, you can check to see if your app is connected to wifi before sending any data. Hope this helps

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try looking at this: http://developer.android.com/training/efficient-downloads/connectivity_patterns.html#WiFi i think you'll find your answer there

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