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I finally got Template-Toolkit installed and working, but I'm having some issues compiling with it.

I'm trying to make a custom sign-on page for a Juniper gateway. From their doc ( http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/software/ive/admin/5.5-CSPSolutionGuide.pdf ) on page 18 they say

You must begin each file with the directive
[% TAGS <% %> %] so that you can use angle brackets on any directives you add
to the templates. By default, the Template Toolkit recognizes square brackets ([
]) instead of angle brackets (<>) as delimiters for directives. The IVE recognizes
angle brackets only. Adding the TAGS directive tells the local Template Toolkit
utilities that you are using angle brackets.

I add the line to the beginning of the file, but get this error when I run the tpage command:

undef error - verbatim: filter not found

Another option would be to change the START_TAG and END_TAG in Template-Toolkit config, from this doc ( http://template-toolkit.org/docs/manual/Config.html#section_START_TAG_END_TAG )

But I'm not sure where I can perform this change, I don't know where to find the config file or the command to change the setting.

Any help is appreciated !!

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Well, this error has nothing to do with the [% TAGS %] directive.

You're getting that error because you're using a filter called 'verbatim' which isn't installed. It's not one of the standard filters that comes with the Template Toolkit, so I'm not sure where it's supposed to come from. Is it perhaps something that is installed with Juniper?

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