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I have created a class which has a panel named cards and its layout is CardLAyout. I have added card items. In this class I want to create a separate method by calling which, layout switches to next card.

import java.awt.CardLayout;
import java.awt.Container;

public class cards 
      public Container cards;

//creating objects for other classes
public cricGUI gu;
public cricMainMenu mm;

public void cardsList()
    cards = new Container();
    cards.setLayout(new CardLayout());

    //adding panels and contentPanes from other classes.
    mm = new cricMainMenu();
    gu = new cricGUI();

public void getNextCard(Container x)



So as u can see I have panels on other classes that I have added to my cards. what i want to do is create getNextCard() method which takes the currently active panel as its arguements. when i call this function it should switch the currently active panel with the next one in my CardLayout list. How can i do this? Thanks

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You may want to have a look at How to use CardLayout.

Basic principle is, that every card gets its own identifier (usually a String Constant). To switch to a specific card, you call

layout.show( container, identifier );

To implement a method like getNextCard() (better name would probably be switchToNextCard( container, identifier )) you could for example use an easy switch case construct like:

public void switchToNextCard( Panel container, String currentCard )
      switch ( currentCard )
        case CARD1:
          layout.show( container, CARD2 );
        case CARD2:
          layout.show( container, CARD1 );
        default :
          throw IllegalArgumentException("Unsupported CardIdentifier.")

In this Method CARD1 and CARD2 are your identifiers (String Constants) for your panels within your cardlayout. In this case it would switch back and forward between those two cards.

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