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Displaying a log per line for a multiline text

Given String m = "abc\ncdf"; and using slf4j with log4j,

If I try to logger.debug(m); that string inside of SomeClass.doSomething() method, the text after new line will be displayed without the standard logging prefix:

10:40:35,732 [DEBUG] SomeClass.doSomething():32: abc

If I use a util method to split the string and print each line as its own logger call:

class PrintUtil {
    public static void print(String s) {
        for(String line : s.split("\\n"))

and change SomeClass.doSomething() to call PrintUtil.print(m); then I lose the original class information:

10:40:35,737 [DEBUG] PrintUtil.print():45: abc
10:40:35,737 [DEBUG] PrintUtil.print():45: cdf

Is it possible to print multi line strings without losing the calling class/method information?

To clarify, the desired output would be:

10:40:35,732 [DEBUG] SomeClass.doSomething():32: abc
10:40:35,732 [DEBUG] SomeClass.doSomething():32: cdf
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if i under stood you right you want some thing like that:

 10:40:35,737 [DEBUG] PrintUtil.print():45: abc

what about adding '\t' (tab) to the string?

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I've edited the question to include the output I'm trying to create –  Alex Jul 31 '12 at 16:12
you could add the data you want in the function. you should be able to check the stack and find out who invoked the function PrintUtil.print(). fast googling give me that: javalobby.org/java/forums/t67019.html . not so handsome, but should work. –  elyashiv Jul 31 '12 at 17:09

You should be able to add "\r\n"

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