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Currently, I have a controller method that includes a try/catch statement for sending emails that loops through a db list:

                // MailSender object declaration
                MailSender objMail = new MailSender();

                // Set SMTP server address
                objMail.Host = "smtp.test.com";

                // Sender's address
                objMail.From = "test@test.com";

                // Subject
                objMail.Subject = surveyprogrammodel.Subject;

                // HTML format?
                objMail.IsHTML = true;

                //Send to Mail Queue
                objMail.Queue = true;
                objMail.QueuePath = Server.MapPath("~\\MailQueue\\");

                     foreach (var item in EmailList)

                            //  Create dynamic link to the take the Survey
                            var SurveyLink = strUrl + UrlContent + "SurveyResponse/Create?MemberId=" + item.PersonModels.MemberId + "&ProgramId=" + item.ProgramId;

                            // Recipient's address

                            // Body
                            objMail.Body = surveyprogrammodel.Body + "<br /><br />Please take the survey using the link below:<br /><br /><a href=\"" + SurveyLink + "\">" + SurveyLink + "<a/>";

                            // Send message


                    catch (Exception ex)
                        Response.Write("An error occurred: <font color=red>"+ ex.Message + "</font>");

I am wondering how I could break this statement out into a sort of service, so that I could easily swap mailer implementations if I needed to. Is there a good example that can explain the best way to accomplish this?

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In the most simplistic, non-complicated example, you can simply create an interface.

interface IEmailer
    void Send(List<Email> email);

class SimpleMailer : IEmailer
    void Send(List<Email> email)
        //do work

class ComplexMailer : IEmailer
    void Send(List<Email> email)
        //do work


IEmailer mailer = new SimpleMailer();

Implementation change

IEmailer mailer = new ComplexMailer();

And then if you want a look-up style implementation, you can implement a Service Locator Pattern / use a DI framework (StructureMap, Ninject, etc). There's an example right on MSDN here.

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Thank you. And what does the List<Email> email contain? Would that be the email object parameters for sending? –  user547794 Jul 31 '12 at 18:15
Yes - It would be your email object, which would probably consist of a subject, body, email addr, etc. –  Bryan Crosby Jul 31 '12 at 18:30

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