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I have a huge problem, and I don't get understand it, so please help if you can.

We have a microcontroller library written in C# which has been converted out into a DLL file. It is okay, and nice. I have to write an Android "remote controller" application for the microcontroller, so I have to include the DLL into my Eclipse project, to be able call functions in it. It is not possible (I was not able to do :) ) so I'm trying to convert the DLL using the android NDK, because it is product and .so file.

My first question is, is this the right way?

After I have an so file, I woud like to include into my Eclipse project, but I was not able to do it. :(

Does anyone have any idea what I should do?

Thank you so much,

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You will not be able to import a dll built in c# directly into any Android application or device. You probably will need to take all the C# code, convert it to C++, then compile it with the NDK, then create a jni interface, then use that using loadLibrary to actually include the .so in the running java Android app.

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