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I'm new to SignalR and am trying send push notifications to a Silverlight client.

Our web project is NOT Asp.Net MVC - just ASP.NET.

I have created a simple Hub class:

public class ServerHub: Hub
    public Task SendMessage(string message)
        return Clients.NewMessage(message);

The problem is that we've got some messages coming through to our web server via message queues (Rhino Service Bus). When a message is processed, we want to send a notification to the UI. But the RSB worker thread is running outside of the HttpContext, so when invoking the SendMessage method the Clients property is null.

I have tried to work around this by adding the ServerHub to the Http Cache, and then retrieve it from the Message Consumer. Still having same issue - Hub's properties are null.

Any suggestions?


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Ok, was doing it wrong. Hadn't used GlobalHost.DependencyResolver.Resolve().


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