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I'm looking for a PHP class/library that would dynamically extract information from files without any manual work required. For instance:

any type of file: size, name, path, extension, mime type, md5sum...
images: width, height, colors used...
archives: compression level, list of files contained in archive...
video/audio files: duration, metadata...
documents: number of words / characters / pages...

I'm not looking for a frontend like these PHP-based file managers/explorers, what I want is a library that can return as much information as possible from as many file formats as possible (I had a look at re-using some code from these file managers/explorers, but it can only be few lines here and there, as what I'm looking for is usually mangled in the file manager/explorer's logic).

So far all I have found are wrappers and small implementations that focus on 1 type of file (e.g. FileInfo for general purpose, ImageMagick for images, Zend_Service_LiveDocx for documents...) but would like to ask the question anyway just to make sure I'm not missing anything major.

Are there PHP classes/libraries already available out there that can retrieve a lot of info about many different file formats?

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