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I'm having the following problem with the Batch Insert of MySQL.

I read a number of records from an MDB file, in order of an ID. I batch-insert them into MySQL, in the same order as read from the MDB-file. In the MySQL table the records appear to be in a random order, checkable because the ID from the MDB-file is one of the columns. I expected the order to be the same??

Any ideas what is causing this?

Thanks, Steven

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The rows in a MySQL table are not guaranteed to be stored "in order", either in the order you insert them or any other order.

The ONLY guarantee that you have that rows will be returned by a query in a particular sequence is an ORDER BY clause included in your query, e.g.

  FROM mytable
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Thx for your comment –  Steven Rijkee Aug 2 '12 at 15:16

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