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I have a process that implements a state machine. In one of the cycles (states) two signals need to be calculated, where one of them is a calculated directly and the other is a calculation made using the already calculated signal inside a component. The result of the first calculation needs to be put into a MUX that directs into the component, and it all need to be done in the same cycle (which is long enough for both operations to be done serially).

A method that I tried was using a variable to calculate the first signal and then using that signal to calculate the second signal, but it doesn't happen in the same cycle, but in 2 cycles, as the assignment to the first signal happens only at the end of the cycle and the component doesn't have enough time to calculate:

when st_cycle_5 =>                   

  vec_var(31 downto 0)  := dot_c_sig(31 downto 0)  - dot_a_sig(31 downto 0);
  vec_var(63 downto 32) := dot_c_sig(63 downto 32) - dot_a_sig(63 downto 32);
  vec_var(95 downto 64) := dot_c_sig(95 downto 64) - dot_a_sig(95 downto 64);

  c_minus_a_sig         <= vec_var;


end process cau_proc;

mult1_in1_sig           <= b_minus_a_sig(63 downto 32) when cau_state = st_cycle_5

How can I calculate the signal b_minus_a_sig and assign it through a MUX to get the result for a component at the same cycle?

(vec_var is a variable and all the other signals are std_logic_vector)

EDIT: There is the solution of putting

mult1_in1_sig <= dot_c_sig(63 downto 32) - dot_a_sig(63 downto 32) when cau_state = st_cycle_5

But I think that in this case the place & route will not know that that operation was done already and that the result is available and do it twice instead of using the known result.

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Please try to make a completely working, but simple code fragment. Make the names a simple as possible and leave out everything that has nothing to do with your question.… –  Philippe Jul 31 '12 at 18:13

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Maybe you simply need to assign mult1_in1_sig inside your process, using the proper variable or variable's slice.

In other words, you can pack your calculation and your mux in a single process.

Doing so, be careful not to describe a latch, ie your target signal mult1_in1_sig must be assigned a value for every possible execution path in your process, not only when st_cycle_5. The same remark holds for c_minus_a_sig and every signal.

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