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Here's the situation: I have an activity that dynamically generates a bunch of randomized custom imagebuttons and adds them to TableRows, in a TableView, in my xml. This activity also has a method that I want to call when one/any of these buttons is clicked. The buttons have variables inside them; the method gets these variables and sets them into a TextView (in the same activity) so I figure all the buttons can use this one method. If these buttons were defined in the XML I would just use android:onClick="displayCell" to specify the method, but they aren't. Is there a way to just set onClick for these buttons as I'm generating them in the activity or do I have to use

button.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener(){....});

and go through a bunch of hassle as I've seen in some of the answers around here? The problem I have with that is that I can't seem to call my method from inside onClick because the argument of the method (the button) is not final (I'm making a bunch of 'button' in a loop so I don't think it can be):

button.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener(){ public void onClick(View q){ button.getActivity().displayCell(button);//I want to do something like this but this obviously doesn't work } });

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You can have the Activity implement OnClickListener and then (assuming you are in the activity):

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Yes as comodoro states, or make your onClickLIstener a member variable of your class, don't do a "new" on each button.

private OnClickListener mOnClickListener = new OnClickListener() {...};

and when creating your buttons:


The onClick() function in your listener will be passed the View of the button itself. You can access the buttons variables, etc, from this function.

public void onClick(View v)
 ImageButton button = (ImageButton)v;
 // and access your button data via button object...
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A solution to this could be :

  • Create different instances of buttons .(So you can make them final)
  • Use setId() method to give them an integer ID (to refer to them later).You can store the ID's in an a Listto refer them later on.
  • Define their onClickListeners right after you create it.
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Try using a class that inherits from button and add there the OnClickListener. Like this:

class MyButton extends Button {

        OnClickListener clicker = new OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick(View v) {



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